Word application screenupdating not working

18-Jul-2017 23:09

I’m familiar with basic formulas (think =SUM and =AVERAGE) and recently learned how to subtotal and reference other worksheets, but what are some other tricks that readers find most useful? Using the macros provided here is at your own risk!

Win Merge Auto Wiki Browser – (Windows platform) Makes repetitive, tedious edits such as spell checkings or category moves faster and easier.

Keep in mind that Macros can be very useful, but also very dangerous if coming from an unknown source.

The codes for these basic macros came from all over the internet or have been found by myself.

Currently it is under development, but it is available for testing as a command line tool.

While in beta please restrict editing to your own userspace, or preferably, sign up at test wikipedia and use that. Enter the project test (not Wikipedia) and language test when running to set up the software.